Download Pin Blaster 2.91 Latest – Automate Your Pinterest Accounts 2019

Download Pin Blaster 2.91 Latest – Automate Your Pinterest Accounts 2019

Automate Your Pinterest Daily Tasks With This Powerful Software_

Save Time

Stop wasting time growing your Pinterest Accounts! What used to take months to do, Pin Blaster will help you do it in days.

Scrape Pinterest Content

The bonus product Pin Grabber will allow you do download thousands of images from Pinterest, based on a keyword, category or account. After you download, upload them automatically on your WP blog.

Pin, Repin And Like

Pinning, liking or repinning was never easier. Scrape the list of pins you want to do actions on, and set and forget. Let Pin Blaster do all the work for you.

WordPress Content Poster

Mass import images in Pin Blaster, that you can later automatically upload on your WordPress Blog, in various categories. After that, simply pin the new links on Pinterest.

Comment Pins

Nothing increases your Pinterest exposure more than commenting on other people’s Pins. You can mass comment using multiple threads and multiple accounts, all with 1 singe click!

Multiple Repin Links

When repinning, it’s always best to make things look natural. It’s good to use multiple links, or no links at all sometimes. Pin Blaster will take care of this, 100% automatically.

Searching for images, finding good titles for them, and then pinning each image, one by one on your Pinterest account can take hours and hours. Pin Blaster can do all the above, 100% automatically!

Pin Blaster and the Pin Grabber bonus product will allow you to scrape hundreds of existing images from Pinterest, whether it’s about a great costume, a new game, a great website themes, an awesome amazon product. After you downloaded hundreds of images, you simply hit 1 button and Pin Blaster will Pin all the images on your accounts, in the boards you want.

You can also use spyntax and multiple links, so each Pin has a unique website where the use will be redirected to after he clicks on that Pin.



*** Disable antivirus before installing the program to allow installing the Crack. ***


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