Download Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.57 (Cracked) Full

Download Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.57 (Cracked) Full

Mass Video Blaster PRO is the ultimate mass youtube video uploader. If you are searching for an all in one video marketing software we have the solution!

The best tool to upload your videos in bulk to YouTube.



Mass Import – Import accounts from a text file in various formats
Check accounts [new] – Verify if your accounts are up and running
Refresh accounts [new] – Retrieve the number of channel views/videos from a specific YouTube account
Delete videos [new] – Mass delete all videos from an account, directly on YouTube
Multi threading [new] – All features (check, verify, delete) are multi threading. You can use up to eight threads at a time.
Easy to manage – Double-click on a campaign to assign accounts, double-click on an account to assign a proxy.
Proxy support – Manually assign or randomly assign proxies to selected accounts
Proxy scrapper [new] – Scrape thousands of proxies in seconds from various public proxy lists
Export – You can export valid accounts and their assigned proxies with ease
Proxy checker [new] – Check to see if the proxies are valid. If the proxies are broken, they won’t be used in MVB Pro.
Delete suspended accounts – Simple feature that will remove all disabled accounts from your MVB Pro accounts list.


Mass Import – Import accounts from a text file in various formats
Views [new] – Trace your views and see how your campaigns progress
Videos [new] – View the number of videos you had in a campaign (or all campaigns)
Deleted accounts [new] – Track the number of disabled accounts per days
Custom time frame [new] – Generate statistics on custom time frames (select a start and end date)
For individual campaign [new] – You can generate statistics for 1 campaign or for all your MVB pro campaigns
Easy navigation [new] – Navigate easy through your statistics with quick zoom and pan features

Adding videos

Mass Import – Import accounts from a text file in various formats
Add from PC – Add video files from your PC and fill in title/description/tags
Mass import – Import videos from a text file using various formats
Mass import from MVD – Use Mass Video Downloader (bonus) to download files and then import them to Mass Video Blaster PRO
Export videos – Use custom formats while exporting, export what you want (title, link, original author, file, etc….)
Duplicate videos [new] – You can now duplicate a video multiple times with a single click
Move videos to other campaigns – If you think that the video does not fit your current campaign, simply move it to another one with this easy feature
On screen info – Always see how many videos you have in your list, and how many videos are ready for upload
Duplicate campaign [new] – Duplicate the entire campaign and upload it again to YouTube
Spin syntax – MVB Pro fully supports spyntax and nested spyntax like {Hello|Hi {Vlad|Alex}}

Upload videos

Mass Import – Import accounts from a text file in various formats
Auto assign accounts [new] – Before uploading you can easily assign the accounts so you will know how the videos will be uploaded
Manually assign accounts – Right click on a video to assign manually an account to it
Multiple actions – Do multiple actions at a time (like, unlist, disable comments, add annotation, add captions)
Mutliple steps – Check, Assign and Upload. This are the three main action of the upload module.
Selected items – If you want, you can do actions only on selected items
Continous loop – If you have multiple campaigns, when MVB Pro finishes uploading one campaign, it will automatically move on to the next
Schedule [new] – You can now schedule videos or campaigns. You can tell MVB Pro to pick random dates when to upload/list/disable comments/add annotations/add captions.
More actions [new] – This is the list of actions that can be done in MVB Pro: check videos, assign accounts, upload videos, list, unlist, disable comments, disable ratings, add annotations, generate and add captions, change thumbnail.
Change thumbnail [new] – After the video is processed on YouTube MVB Pro can now change the thumbnail for a video



*** Disable antivirus before installing the program to allow installing the Crack. ***

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